Do you need to use a powder tool for Heat Embossing?

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heat embossing

I've heard some debate as to whether you need to use a Deactivator Tool or an Embossing Buddy to remove the static from your cardstock when using WOW Embossing Powder.

I decided to experiment and check it out for myself.  View the video to see what my results were!


So you saw first hand what my experience was.  I did not try out White EP on Black Cardstock (SORRY!), but I'd probably get simliar results.

I do think heat and humidity may factor into YOUR experience and you may not get exactly the same results that I did.

On my Die Storage Solutions video,  Beau DeLeon says: 

“I talked to a couple of girls who work directly with WOW! and they told me that yes it does have the anti-static agent in them but depending on the weather in your location can still need some powder.  I live in South Dakota and this time of year we get about 90% humidity.  I have had to use it on the darker powders especially.  However, on the white and clear, if I use the powder tool, it counteracts with the anti-static agent that is already in the product and so the powder gets everywhere lol.  I don't know, I just use it on the darker or opaque and it seems to work a little better with those.”

I hope this video was helpful – leave me a comment and tell me what experience you have had and if you use an anti-static tool.


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