Christmas Traditions

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christmas 2014

Earlier this month, Alana asked me about our holiday traditions.  As we listed them off, I thought two things:

  1. yikes!  We don't have “enough” traditions!  We need to make more, but we don't have time! (I'm a bit freaked out that our family is going to change in a big way in just a few short years when Anna goes off to college)
  2. my favorite one is Christmas Eve.


We all love appetizer food, so years ago we had everyone bring an appetizer to our Christmas Eve celebration.  Everyone loved  the casual snacking and drinking and socializing all night that it became our tradition!

Usually, we host at our house.  This year, we traveled to Upstate NY to spend the holiday with my mom and her husband and had our celebration there.

We each picked out our favorite type of appetizer and had brie, cheese, salami and pepperoni, bread (the really good kind, still hot from the bakery!), wings and this year I tried something new and made homemade mac and cheese.

The only favorite dish we left out was 7 Layer Dip.  We were looking to keep things simple, so this one had to go.  Perhaps I will make it for New Year's!


Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite appetizer is and/or what your favorite tradition is for the holidays!

P.S.  my favorite appetizer is brie.  Plain, baked…really any way you serve it, I love!


(everyone is pictured above, except for the oldest…must have been a teenager moment)

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