Sunflower Patch along the Neuse River Trail

Catherine Pooler Shenanigans

The end of May through mid-July were so busy for us that I couldn't see straight.  Our summer has now slowed down and I'm coming close to being able to balance working AND spending time with the kiddos before my Bigs head back to school in two weeks.

Here's one bit of fun we had last week…apparently there is an amazing patch of sunflowers along the Neuse River Greenway Trail.

My friend Lisa and I packed a few of our girls up (you know I have three…well, Lisa beats me with FOUR!) and headed out in search of the famed Sunflower patch.

We were looking for this….


We found this….


yeah…..not exactly what we were in search of.

Seems that we were just about a week too late and the sunflowers were all dried up.  Oh, well.  Note to self:  Next year check it out by the end of July!  Will you remind me?  lol!

I hadn't ever heard of said Sunflower Patch before until Lisa mentioned it to me.  What “hidden gems” do you have in your area that people might now know about?  Our earth is an amazing place…isn't it?


I couldn't end the day without a selfie…I can't resist taking them to make my kids laugh and roll their eyes.  haha!

Now that the summer is winding down, we have been in full planning mode for the fall and we have a couple things for you to put on your calendar:

First week of September oh em GEEEEE!!!!!   I've been working on a project since MARCH and it's almost ready to launch…there will be a big PARTY here to celebrate.  I hope you will join me!

Weekend of October 3rd World Card Making Day!  This is our very favorite celebration all year long.  It's the best opportunity to celebrate StampNation and our members in 24 countries around the world!

We'll be having fun stuff here on the blog, but the biggest party of all will be happening on StampNation.  Stay tuned.

End of October  Our “A Very Trendy Holiday” class was so popular last year that we are doing it again with updated trends and fresh designs.  We have amazing designers lined up, so you will be treated to all kinds of awesomeness with this class!

It's going to be a fun and exciting fall – I can't wait!

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