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We had about two weeks of nutso-ness here and now that I've had a few days to breathe, I'll give you all a snapshot of what we've been up to.  Hold tight…it was probably the busiest two weeks of the year.

It started on May 29th when my mom arrived in town just in time for Alana's 5th grade graduation.  Here's Alana with her totally awesome and adorable teacher.   Thanks Ms. M for a FABULOUS year!

Now we have a rising middle schooler in the houzzze!


Next up was 5 rehearsals, followed by 5 recitals between the younger two Pooler girls.

Little did I know that the recital in which Alana was in four numbers, Eva was in one and the entire family plus a few friends was going to, would have Alana home sick.  Yeah, I'll spare you the details….

She had a miraculous recovery and was able to dance that night!  PHEW!

Above is my mom and I with the girlies.


Alana, the tapper, is smack in the center of this one.


While Alana was home sick, Anna rocked her piano recital (above:  Anna with my brother).  This was after her softball team lost (I mean LOST) their first tournament game that morning.

In my dress, I might add.  😉

For the piano recital…not the softball game.

he brings me flowers 2

Later that week, we had an 8th grade graduation.  Oh, MY we have a rising high schooler!

Daddy brought her flowers – I'm not sure I've ever seen Anna this thrilled.

he brings me flowers

I will treasure this photo as long as I live.  LOOK at her face.  I'll never forget her reaction.  She was surprised, almost astonished…and absolutely thrilled.  I'm getting teary eyed…so let's move on.

The morning after graduation, we packed the big girls up and they headed with my mom up to NY for the week.


In the meantime, Eva spent 4 days at sleep away camp with one of her dearest friends.  None of our girls have gone away to camp before so this was a first!

Randall and I drove to pick them up last Friday.  We were gone for 12 hours!

The camp was a bit more rustic than I expected (I never went to camp like this when I was a kid), which I thought was GREAT.  Kids are so pampered these days.  It's good to “rough it” a bit, now and then.


We returned home just in time to pass Eva off to a friend the next morning so we could go on a surprise birthday celebration for my dad's girlfriend, Jean.


We all piled in a hummer limo and showed up in front of her house.  Her son from NY and BFF from California were with us along with a few other family members.  Boy, was she surprised!

We headed to Lexington (yes, Debbie, I was SCREAMING HELLO to you while I was there!), NC to Childress Winery.  We had an amazing lunch, lots of wine and a tour of the place.


In the meantime, the Big Girls had their passports out so grandma could take them across the border to Canada to go to Marineland.  They've been sending us photos all week.

Alana likes dolphins.  Like really, REALLY likes dolphins.  She told me recently that she's read every single book in the library on them (and this is my kid that doesn't like to read and promises me that she will not read even one book this summer – uh-oh!), so I bet she was in her glory when she was petting and feeding the beluga whales.

I know, different animal, but this is the closest she's gotten!

Apparantly, they've done a good bit of baking and sewing as well!


So this week has been pretty quiet with just Eva at home.  She's had dance camp during the day and swim team practice at night and we are babysitting our friends' dog.

So it's quiet, but not completely!  I really try not to overschedule our family and we say NO to tons of stuff…but I suppose when you have three kids and they've all got stuff to do as do mom and dad, it can get busy at times.

Over the next couple of weeks, we've got some traveling to do, but no worries.  I have videos already filmed for you – some really cool  KISS Cards and stencil and watercolor techniques are coming your way!

The Dream Team at StampNation is also been hard at work planning something for July.  

We'll be releasing some details in a couple weeks – it's something we've done before that gets talked about for weeks, but this time we have a fun twist on it.  Stay tuned!

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