Epic Fail?


Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 9.14.10 AMOver at StampNation, we've been talking a lot about what makes a card work and what doesn't.  Members have been sharing cards, getting feedback and tweaking their designs – learning along the way.

Even though paper crafting is my job, I don't always hit home runs.  And even if I think it's a home run, someone else may not.  Art is subjective and everyone likes something different.

Virginia  (our Guest Dream Team member this month) has been sharing some of her fabulous design tips and cards that she's made that were beautiful, but then she added one or two small things and took these cards to amazing!  What a great way to learn, right?

Along these lines, I told members the other day that I was filming and I had a card design idea in my head.  I couldn't wait to get home to make this card.  Then, I struggled all the way through the video.  I even said in the video that I wasn't sure if the video would hit youtube.  I just did not like the end result at ALL!  The members encouraged, cajoled, then they dared me to post it.

I rarely turn down a dare.

So, I just posted it here.

Art is subjective  – You may hate my card.  You may love it.  You may have great ideas and tips for me so I can go back to the stamp table and try again!  Can't wait to hear your ideas!



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Hope your Saturday is amazing…be sure to check back tomorrow – I have some exciting news to share!


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