A Pre-Christmas Christmas Weekend

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Erika copy

My weekend started out with a crafty afternoon with my friend, Erika.  She came over a few weeks ago and we stamped and planned out her Christmas card for this year…she finally got back over here to work on them and they came out great!  Click here to view the post from her first visit.

While she was working on those, I was working on ornaments for my mom and I posted a photo to Instagram…my first Instagram post!  My account is under my name, so be sure to follow me there.

dance copy

Alana and Eva had their company Christmas Recital this weekend, an original tale:  The North Star.

It was really neat, because the Carolina Dance Foundation got a grant this year and commissioned a local auther to write a story for us.  It was FABULOUS!

The North Star

You can visit the author's website and see more info on the book she wrote here.

Alana was a Woodpecker, Candy Cane and an Icicle.  Eva had her company debut as a fox.


My mom (seamstress extraordinaire!) blessed us with some amazing gifts this year that will be cherished.  She made this Santa wreath for me that I am head over heels for.  Oh em geeee, I looove it so much!


If it wasn't mine, I would be so stinkin' jealous right now!

scrapbook doll

She also made “Scrapbook Dolls” for my girls.  She wrote a little “bio” for each doll and named them after the girls.

The dolls are made out of fabric from projects over the years that she's made for them…we found fabric from pajamas, their Kindergarten backpacks, skirts and purses.

scrapbook dolls

Each doll has a charm bracelet on as well with things that my girls love.  Gosh, my mom is so creative and so thoughtful.  I'm grateful for her.  Love you, mom!

Thanks for visiting with me this morning!  My little girls are out of school this month and we've been doing lots of fun, Christmasy things, but this week they are in Gymnastics camp.  They will have a ball and I will get caught up a bit.  Like you all, I will be taking  lots of time off the last week of December.

Hope your day is fabulous!

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