300th Video Celebration!

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Hello Friends!  If you've hung around these parts, you know we are having the 300th Video Celebration at StampNation right now.  In fact, the 300th video just went up yesterday.

The gals on SN have been chatting about it and Tink said:

“Absolutely Amazing. You have made 300 Videos for StampNation! I cannot imagine how many videos you have truly done for your blog as well.”

That got my wheels turning…hmmm…HOW many videos have I done?  I had to hop right on ovah to Youtube and check it out for myself.  woooweee!  It's a lot!

I began making videos in 2009.  I make videos for:

  • my blog
  • Simply WOW!
  • Club Inbox (this program is no longer available)
  • StampNation

So, how many videos do you think I have done in all?

Leave a comment here by noon on March 28th (Thursday) with your guess.

Check out my Youtube Channel (make sure you are subscribed to it!), you can check out my videos there which will give you a better idea of how many I have.

The person who guesses closest to the exact number will get a surprise goodie pack in the mail.

I'm furiously preparing for the StampNation LIVE Retreat and have over $1000 in product here for the attendees…as I get that stuff ready, I will prepare an extra goodie pack for one lucky winner.

In the comments section, link to your favorite video and I will randomly choose one to receive a goodie pack as well.

I can't wait to see your guesses!!!

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