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Stampin' Up Leadership 2013 Display Boards

Hey, friends!  Just a quick note from me today.  I have not ever seen so many sick people as I have in my life as I've seen in the Pooler Household these past couple of weeks.  We've had normal colds (two of us), the flu (two of us), ridiculous stomach bug (two of us) and another normal cold (one of us).  Guess who is the only one that hasn't been sick?

Mr. Pooler.

How did he escape?

Anyways, I think everyone is on the mend…I think…one kid is back to school and giggling her head off upstairs.  The other two are on their way, but still sick.

People, I need to stamp!  Hopefully we paid our dues, everything will get back to normal and stamping will start happening again.

Until then…Stampin' Up Leadership 2013 Display Boards!  Enjoy!

Stampin' Up Leadership 2013 Display Boards

Stampin' Up Leadership 2013 Display Boards

Click here to view my video using the Hearts a Flutter Stamp Set with the Chalkboard Technique!

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