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Do you have a Family Picture Wall in your home?  I have several and the one here (in the main hallway coming into the living room) was full of baby photos of the girls…who are now 8, 10 and 13.  Time for an update, ya think?

We had Pinky Promise Photography come out last month to take some photos….we hadn't done that in a loooong time.  In fact, we've only ever been to the studio to get photos taken, so this was different for us.  The photos came out fabulous which made for a hard time figuring out which ones I wanted to use!  Once I decided which ones I wanted, then it was time to figure out the sizes.

I decided to use 11 x 14s for the girls' photos, an 8 x 10 of Randall, the girls, and the tree Randall and Anna planted when she was 18 months old, and a 12 x 12 for a monogrammed frame.

I laid my frames out on the floor and decided on placement.  Then, I traced around them on paper, cut them out, marked where the picture hangers were and taped them to the wall. Randall put the nails in and I removed the paper.

Frames went up, and the placement was perfect!  (almost…one frame is slightly crooked, whoops!  If you have a frame that has TWO picture hangers on it, be sure to use a level to make sure it's straight).

The 12 x 12 frame has some Designer Paper from Stampin' Up in the frame.  I got the “P” from Michael's, spray painted it (it was white), then hot glued it to the front of my frame.

I made the Topiary, with Eva and Alana's help and that video will be on StampNation this week!

I just got the photos, so I will take more photos and post them soon.


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