Happy Valentine’s Day Dear Friends!

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Today's card is for you!  Happy Valentine's Day to my dear readers.  One day I wish I could get us together in one big room and have a huge stamp fest.  Wouldn't that be too much fun?

I really appreciate you reading my blog, viewing my videos, leaving comments and love for me.  You don't even know how much it means to me.  I feel like many of you are friends and that's why I wanted to share an e-mail with you that Gayle sent to me (she will be the recipient of the “Send a card to a friend”).  She says:

“Thanks you for sharing all your beautiful designs.  I feel like you are my friend already!  I enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos and I feel like I know you.”

Thank YOU, Gayle, for being here!

For today's project, if you are a StampNation Member, you may recognize it!  Last week we did a video and used this design on a fun Valentine's Treat Pouch.  It works perfectly on a card, too!  Don't you love when you can use one design for many different projects?

If you are interested in joining StampNation, the premier online paper crafting community where you will take your hobby to the next level, we'd love to have you!


If you missed it, StampNation turned ONE last month.  Click here to see how I celebrated.

and now for some fun…


No, I do not have permission to post this.  And I might get in big trouble for it.  But come, on!  Hilarious, right?

Friends of ours have a Tacky Valentine's Day Party every year.  Randall and I headed to Good Will and found some super fabulous items for his get up right in the woman's department.

Now thank goodness he doesn't dress like this every day, but I'm telling you.  I was in TEARS in GW cracking up like a crazy person while he was trying things on.

Oh, how I love to get a kick out of my hubby.

(Yes, I know. I'm not terribly tacky…I do have a big bow on my chest, my necklace said “party”, fishnet stockings and high heeled boots and tons of make up…not my normal outfit!)  Hope you got a chuckle today!

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