Pooler Happenins’: All in school…

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Is this a happy girl, or what?  I love, love this picture of Eva.  We were on the way to the bus stop for her first day of Kindergarten.  She went to school 2 days last week, then this week will be her first full week of school.  When Alana went to kindergarten, I got a great picture of her skipping down the road.  I got an 8 x 10 made and it was a great page.  Can't wait to do the same thing here.

I wasn't sure how I was going to "handle" her getting on the bus…she is my baby and she's off! I guess after the joys and challenges of almost 11 years of having little ones at home, coupled with her intense delight, I sent her off without shedding even one tear! 

I imagine our house will be much more calm and I will feel more than ever that I have a handle on things here.  I'll have almost 8 hours a day at home to work, run errands, exercise, etc.   Or am I kidding myself?  I'll let you know!

Check back, 'cause this week I go to the Stampin' Up Convention in Salt Lake City!  I leave Tuesday night and I plan to have news and updates on what's going on there for you.

Have a super week and I'll check ya later!

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