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Yesterday was another great day here at Founder's Circle.

The day started out finishing swaps…we made 130 cards to trade with each other!  Holy cow!  I hope you will join me at one of my next events to see all these wonderful Holiday cards!  Shelli even stopped by to visit and work on her own!

Next, I hung out at the pool for a while, then went on a mad shopping spree with a couple of friends.  I will not go into detail here just in case hubby is eavesdropping here!

One thing I will show you is the pjs I found.  I bought a pair for myself, and my downline Kim that also made Founder's Circle!  Can you just die!  The pjs match the theme and decor so perfectly!

There were yummy snacks and here is my wonderful Canadian friend, Lynsay, helping herself to a Rootbeer float.  How fun!

How gorgeous is THIS!  At the pj party we each received a pen and notepad.  Awesome!

The surprises didn't stop there.  Upon returing to our rooms, we each found a beautiful PINK leather wallet on our beds.

How many times as an adult do we get this princess treatment and all these wonderful surprises!  I am so thankful for Stampin' UP, my customers, my downline and my family that supports me.  Ok, I'm getting sappy and sound like I'm accepting an emmy or something..hehe!

Talk about surprises!  I was a bit sick today while we were out visiting the manufacturing facility in Kanab and missed the tour…I was sleeping on the couch at the plant!  Guess it was altitude sickness…anyways, there was just a knock on the door.  It was a little goodie bag with a note saying sorry you're sick, a sprite and tomato soup from the front desk of the hotel.  Wow!  How cool is THAT!?

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